by Steven Alvarado

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Review: Steven Alvarado, BLEED Four Stars ✭✭✭✭


Some of you may remember Alvarado's solo debut Mercy on Del-fi. It was a fine record that set his warm voice and first rate songwriting against a backdrop of AOR style pop. With his sophomore effort, bleed, he has grown considerably, not only as a songwriter and musician, but as a first rate producer as well. Songs like "We Can Make It" and "Now I'm Cynical" would be right at home on an early Matthew sweet record, while "Just A Boy" sounds like Warren Zevon trying a Tom Petty song on for size. Steve's current Nashville home has rubbed off on him a bit as well, on both the wonderful "Just A Little" and the heartfelt "You And I."

The playing throughout is top-notch, with nice Hammond B-3, piano, trumpet and percussion fills keeping things fresh and original. When Alvarado sings, "I got a gun and a bullet/A preacher and a pulpit," it's like he's taking one through the heart. The crimson may run deep on bleed, but his soul and band keep it all alive.