A New Year! / by Steven Alvarado

Happy New Year all,

2015 was a year full of change for me and I get the feeling 2016 will have even more change. But I don't mind, change is a good thing. I miss New York City sometimes but I do love my new California home. The warm sun and the Pacific Ocean are good for the soul. It's a privilege to be able to see the ocean everyday. 

2016 has unfortunately started off with the loss of our hero David Bowie. It's impossible to believe that he has left us. But we are lucky to have the enormous body of work that he left behind. I've been revisiting my favorite Bowie albums and Scary Monsters is still number one for me. The song It's No Game is still my favorite. My own song Mad At The World from my album The Howl Sessions was always meant as my own tribute to David. I even added my own version of a woman screaming profanities in Japanese.

On the news front, my long contract with my music publisher is coming to an end in just a few months from now. The good news is that they have asked me to re-sign with them. It feels nice to be wanted. I haven't given them an answer yet.

As of now I have no tour plans or studio plans. I'm writing a little. Mostly I'm just living and enjoying life in the sun for now. 

More news later,