Tiny House Concert Tour? / by Steven Alvarado

Hi all,

Happy 2015! Where did 2014 go? It passed like an eye blink!

So this post is for any of you Tiny House enthusiasts! I've played a few House Concerts (basically a concert for you and your friends in your living room) and loved doing them! Well, I am a Tiny House enthusiast and hope to build and live in my own one day. But until then I came up with an idea. How about a Tiny House Concert Tour?

If any of you live in or have a friend that lives in a Tiny House and you think you (or they) would like to host a concert at a Tiny House please email me right away! I'm thinking about a Tiny House Concert Tour this Spring/Summer. If I get enough responses and can string together enough dates I'll do it!

Love & peace,