It's My Birthday! by Steven Alvarado

It's my birthday today. The years just keep passing so very fast. But I'm celebrating. So what should I do? How about if I give away a free, autographed CD of your choice to the first 10 people to email me a birthday wish in September? Sounds good to me. Let's do it. Send me a note! Available CD's are The Howl Sessions, Let it Go, and Bleed.

California by Steven Alvarado

Hi all,

After many, many years, I've left New York City and have relocated to sunny Southern California.  I've set up shop in Long Beach just a block from the Pacific Ocean.  Los Angeles is where I grew up and it feels good to be back.  Long Beach is a "smallish" city yet has all the grit and street smarts that I love.  I feel right at home here.

Stay tuned for upcoming concert dates.  And as always, please email to say hello.



Listen to Some Music! by Steven Alvarado

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying my new website!  Be sure to visit the "albums" page where you can stream all of my albums for free.  And then be sure to click the iTunes link to purchase a copy of you favorite album of mine.  Your support helps me to keep making music!



A Brand New Website! by Steven Alvarado

Hi friends,

I'm so very excited to share with you the launch of my brand new website! It's been months in the making. After living with the old site for many years I felt it was time to get a fresh start. You'll notice the Home page is the News page. I'll be treating this page as a news/blog spot where I can share anything I find interesting to tell you.

You will also notice that on the Music page you can now listen to all of my albums for free! They are not downloadable, so if you want to own them (and show support) just click the iTunes link!

I've also opened up Comments on the News page and have made it easy to Share things throughout the site on Facebook & Twitter, etc.

Over the next several weeks I will continue adding more to the site and making adjustments. As always, I love hearing from folks so email or leave a comment and say hello!